Hard Miles

Hard Miles

Sorry, this item has been sold out. True story of the 2007 Iron Butt Rally. "The World's Toughest Motorcycle Competition"

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“It’s a scavenger hunt on steroids.” “My goal this year is to finish”
“It’s a major, wonderful growth experience.” “Overall it’s just fun torture.”

As told by the actual riders, Hard Miles documents the events surrounding the 2007 Iron Butt Rally. Billed as the World’s Toughest Motorcycle Competition, the Iron Butt Rally is a unique long-distance motorcycle scavenger hunt. During the grueling 11 day, 11,000 mile rally, competitors battle the elements while riding to bonus destinations across North America.

In this biennial event, people from around the world and from all walks of life come together to participate in this one-of-a-kind motorcycle experience; each rider testing his or her own physical, mental and emotional toughness. Only a few select riders have managed to solve the equation of time, distance and endurance to successfully complete the World’s Toughest Motorcycle Competition.

Hard Miles DVD Features:
16:9 Widescreen presentation – NTSC video – Approximate length 1:05 hrs. – Stereo, English – Special Featurette: Introduction of all 2007 Iron Butt Riders – Special Featurette: History of the Iron Butt Rally interview with Mike Kneebone
– Total 55 minutes of bonus Special Features video



The drama and excitement of long-distance motorcycle competition unfolds in Hard Miles, the documentary of the 2007 Iron Butt Rally. First-hand accounts from the riders themselves depict the mindset required to undertake the Iron Butt, as well as providing invaluable insight into the ins and outs of making a successful rally run. This entertaining and informative document provides a wealth of information for future Iron Butt riders and all fans of long-distance riding.

Compelling Rider Stories – With a motorcycle rally of this magnitude, every rider is bound to have some incredible stories from the road. Some stories relate to the outcome of the competition, while other stories touch upon the personal nature of this extraordinary adventure. Hard Miles captures the humor, the emotion and sometimes the heartbreak of those stories.

Route Planning and Strategy – Every Iron Butt rider agrees that route planning is the key to staying competitive. Hard Miles shows how various riders undertook the crucial task of planning routes to check-points and bonuses. Numerous routes are shown graphically, super-imposed over maps of North America. More than any other example, these maps demonstrate the incredible distances Iron Butt riders cover during the course of the 11 day rally.

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